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Friday 11th November Weston Illuminated Carnival

Weston Super Mare carnival combine grand fireworks displays with street processions, fairgrounds and street food.

Weston Super Mare  carnival is the highlight of the year for locals. The ritual dates back to at least the 1600s, when many parts of the county commemorated the Gunpowder Plot. Today, it’s a combination of open-air entertainment, fairgrounds, street food and late-night openings for many shops and restaurants.

Many Somerset carnival carts are over 50 feet long and come covered in intricate themed designs featuring moving parts and thousands of light bulbs – not to mention the characters, all played by members of the local Carnival Clubs. Remember to bring plenty of loose change, as the proceeds from the coin-collection carts go to charity.

Saturday 19th November Llandudno Christmas Market

Join us in the heart of Llandudno to get into the Christmas Spirit. The Llandudno Christmas Extravaganza is a family fun event. You will find food, drink, gifts, funfair, entertainment and more.

Saturday 26th November Manchester Christmas Market

The main hub of the markets last year was at the “Winter Gardens” on Piccadilly Gardens which will return again for 2022. The full list of Christmas Markets zones have not yet been confirmed by the council, but are likely to once again include Market Street, King Street, Exchange Square, St Ann’s Square and Cathedral Gardens.

Works are continuing to take place at Manchester Hall and on Albert Square, which for years had been the traditional hub of the German Christmas Markets, so stalls will not be able to return there this year.